Melissa Taylor: An Introduction

A special insight from Vegas: Melissa Taylor has more than a passing interest in the FEI World Cup dressage finals.

Our newest blogger is Melissa Taylor, a Grand Prix dressage rider herself who is married to FEI World Cup competitor Lars Petersen. Melissa is by Lars’ side in Las Vegas for the finals, in which he will compete with Marriett, a freestyle star on the Florida circuit this winter. Enjoy Melissa’s refreshing insights from her unique vantagepoint.

Blogger Melissa Taylor with her husband, FEI World Cup competitor Lars Petersen | Photo copyright 2015 by Nancy Jaffer

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is not the case at the Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage Finals.

This was jog day, truly the most important day, because if you don’t make it through, you don’t compete. Happily, all 18 horses passed and will move on to the first day of competition on Thursday.

Lars and Mariett were second to jog . Mariett was fresh and forward and seems to enjoy the atmosphere of the indoor. It’s a refreshing change for her after the long Florida season.
There was a little excitement when Painted Black, the horse of Spain’s Morgan Barbançon Mestre, decided he ran better without Morgan holding the reins. Painted Black got a little excited during his jog and tripped Morgan, before doing a ” buzz by” around the arena. He quickly was caught and both horse and rider are fine.

The order of go will be determined at tomorrow night’s draw party. In the meantime, we’re hoping the 50 mph winds at this venue don’t blow us all back home.