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Dressage Training Tips



Tips from the 2023 USDF Trainers Conference

Learn from internationally respected members of the FEI Judge Supervisory Panel.



Developing a Correct Stretch at the Trot

Dive into details of the stretchy trot with equestrian biomechanics Susanne von Dietze.



Cavalletti and a Box

Improve strength and accuracy with this flexible cavalletti system.

second level


Opening the Hip and Lengthening the Leg

Susanne von Dietze evaluates a Second Level pair.

ground poles


How Ground Poles Promote “Positive Tension”

An excerpt from “Pole Work for Dressage Riders” by Ann Katrin Querbach.



10-Meter Makeover

Build strength and suppleness with a simple exercise.

grand prix


Training Youngsters to Grand Prix

Dressage rider Alice Tarjan is successfully training young horses up the levels with a focus on understanding each individual horse’s needs.



Gradually Build the Trot Extension

Equestrian biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze recommends an exercise to improve balance and self-carriage in the extended trot.


8 Shoulder-In Problems and Solutions

An excerpt from “Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse” by 5* Dressage Judge Janet Foy.