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Steffen Peters – Words of Wisdom

Hear tips from Olympic silver medalist Steffen Peters


Steffen Peters on His Future with Suppenkasper

Top U.S. dressage rider Steffen Peters reflects on his past, present and future plans with Suppenkasper


Dressage Solutions: Understand the Feeling of a Passive Leg Aid

Try this tip from Steffen Peters.


Dressage Solutions: To Know If Your Half Halt Worked

Try this tip from Steffen Peters


71 Training Tips from Four Dressage Olympians

Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, Christine Traurig, Hilda Gurney and Steffen Peters share their methods for getting the most out of horses and riders.


How to Fine-Tune Your Dressage Aids with Steffen Peters

This Olympian urges riders to refine their aids and have high expectations to increase the horse’s mental understanding.


Steffen Peters and Laura Graves: The Biomechanics of Olympic Dressage Riders

Susanne von Dietze explains what makes these Olympic riders so skilled.


At Home in San Diego with Shannon and Steffen Peters

Dressage professionals Shannon and Steffen Peters open the doors to their California-base.

Hoof Care

Barefoot Dressage with Shannon Peters

Trainers Shannon and Steffen Peters explore the benefits of barefoot dressage with high-performance horses.

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