Dressage Solutions: Understand the Feeling of a Passive Leg Aid

Try this tip from Steffen Peters.

To understand the feeling of a passive leg aid…

Imagine hanging a wet towel over your horse’s back. The pressure of your leg aids needs to be similar to the pressure of the towel on the sides of your horse. Your horse should go on his own with this passive leg aid, and if he does not, you need to give him a firmer reminding aid. —Steffen Peters

(Illustration by Sandy Rabinowitz)

Steffen Peters of Escondido, California, won a team bronze medal at the 1996
Olympics riding Udon. He was the U.S. representative to the 2002 Dressage
World Cup Final, where he rode Lila Kommerstad’s Grandeur to eighth place.

This article first appeared in the August 2002 issue of Dressage Today.