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Juggling Dressage, Work and Family : Advice for the Multitasking Dressage Rider

A few tips to help busy dressage riders find balance


Connect with Your Horse’s Rhythm

Try these unmounted exercises to help find balance and mobilize your hips.


Dressage Solutions: Maintain Balance in Canter Pirouettes

Try this tip from Adelinde Cornelissen.


Dressage Solutions: To Maintain Your Balance

Try this tip from Laura Tomlinson.


Dressage Solutions: Find Correct Balance

Try this tip from Heather Blitz.


Refine Horse and Rider Balance to Correctly Channel Energy

Equestrian biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze critiques a Second-Level combination and suggests exercises to improve balance and prevent leaning.


What Is the Proper Way to Create Bend in My Dressage Horse?

USDF gold medalist Rita Brown explains the definition of bend and offers advice on riding it correctly.


How to Maintain Correct Bend in the Half Pass

Madeleine Austin explains the "ingredients" of a successful half pass.


How to Regulate Your Dressage Horse’s Canter Tempo

Claudia Garner offers tips for turning a runaway canter into a controlled, cadenced movement.


How Bend Affects Your Dressage Horse’s Straightness and Balance

International dressage competitor and trainer Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel explains this important piece of the training puzzle.

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