Dressage Solutions

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Dressage Solutions: Visualize the Role of the Outside Aids

Check out this visualization from Susan Jaccoma.


Dressage Solutions: Avoid Overriding Your Horse

Try this tip from Kyra Kyrklund to avoid overriding your horse.


Dressage Solutions: Avoid Pulling Back

Do you struggle to keep yourself from pulling back? Try this tip from Andreas Helgstrand.

fishing line dressage solutions

Dressage Solutions: Feel Correct Contact

Try this tip from Mica Mabragaña

kathy connelly dressage solutions

Dressage Solutions: To Stabilize Your Horse

Try this tip from Kathy Connelly.

Solutions with Fencer

Dressage Solutions: Feel the Half Halt

Try this tip from Jane Hannigan

dressage solutions broom laura tomlinson balance

Dressage Solutions: To Maintain Your Balance

Try this tip from Laura Tomlinson.