Dressage Solutions: To Correctly Channel and Manage Your Horse’s Energy Flow

Try this visualization tip from Karen Adams

To correctly channel and manage your horse’s energy flow from his active hind leg to the front without resistance …

Imagine you’re going to ride him through a narrow tunnel and need to form both sides of his body to fit through safely. Think of sending his energy through the corridor with your legs, weight, sitting bones and hands on either side. This will allow you to put his body in whatever shape you want—long and low, shorter and rounder, flexed and bent, etc.—Karen Adams

Karen Adams is a USEF “R” dressage judge, instructor and coach in Keedysville, Maryland. She was the head instructor at Linda Zang’s Idlewilde Farm and competed through the Prix St. Georges level. Her horse Aleutian was the 1980 USEF Zone III Fourth Level Horse of the Year.

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