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secrets of the half halt

The Secrets of the Half Halt with Conrad Schumacher

Trainer Conrad Schumacher explains step by step how to master the intricacies of the half halt and ride it correctly—whatever the situation.

what a dressage judge wants to see

Marilyn Heath: What A Dressage Judge Wants to See

This USEF “S” judge offers her view on what she wants to see from dressage riders and their horses.

dressage horse hind end amy k dragoo

The Importance of Powerful Hindquarters in Dressage Training

Rev up the horse's hindquarters—his engine—for optimal performance.

figure 1

The Physics of Flexion in the Dressage Horse

Take a look at the topic of longitudinal flexion through a scientific lens and learn why it is an important goal of classical dressage.

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Charles de Kunffy's 3 Principles to Create a Dancing Partnership with Your Horse

Ride your horse's hindquarters to create impulsion, suspension and balance, without confining his movement and rhythm.

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg is the former First Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria. He now gives clinics worldwide and lives and trains in Vienna. His 23-year-old daughter, Caroline, is the rider in these photos. | Photos by Ewald Willibald

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg: Measuring Degrees of Dressage Collection

The former First Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School explains the scale for measuring degrees of dressage collection.

Charles de Kunffy's Three Moments of Evolutionary Breakthrough in Dressage Training

Classical dressage trainer Charles de Kunffy shares insight on developing your dressage horse and progressing toward collection.