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Tips from the 2023 USDF Trainers Conference

Learn from internationally respected members of the FEI Judge Supervisory Panel.


Dressage Today Podcast

Training Buzz: Riding the Leg Yield

Todd Flettrich and Ruth Hogan-Poulsen discuss what leg yield is, how to ride it and challenges people may encounter.


How to Train a Leg Yield From the Ground

Head Trainer at Hilltop Farm Michael Bragdell explains and demonstrates executing a leg yield in-hand.


Correct Rider Position for Leg Yields

Top international Grand Prix dressage competitor and trainer Shannon Dueck explains the correct position for lateral work.


How to Ride a Leg Yield

Learn how to ride a leg yield correctly with Grand Prix trainers and competitors Todd Flettrich and Ruth Hogan-Poulsen.


Techniques to Improve Contact

Three exercises with Col. Christian Carde.


How Can I Achieve Suppleness on the Left Rein?

Fran Kehr shares her advice on suppling the horse and suggests exercises to help you shift your horse's balance.


Strategies for Training Young Horses: An Exercise to Combine Leg Yield and Turn on the Forehand

In the second installment of her two-part article on training young horses, Dressage Today blogger Jenna Arnold shares an exercise that teaches the horse to yield his ribcage.


Monica Theodorescu: The Purpose and Value of Lateral Work

A discussion of this indispensable element in daily dressage training


How to Maintain Correct Bend in the Half Pass

Madeleine Austin explains the "ingredients" of a successful half pass.

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