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9 Tips for a Winning Test • 3 Nutritional Challenges in the Dressage Horse

Three judges share nine tips on how to ride a winning dressage test. Plus, learn about three common nutritional issues that may be affecting your dressage horse.

Horse Care

Help Your Horse Recover From Intense Work

Considerations for training, competition, dietary strategy and supportive therapy

Dressage Today Extra

Cross-Training for Dressage Horse and Rider

Plus Cold-Weather Nutrition Tips

Horse Care

Inside the Care and Management of International Dressage Superstar Mount St John Freestyle

A look at this Hanoverian mare's personalized program

Horse Care

Nutritional Considerations for the Senior Dressage Horse

Just because a horse is over 18 or 20 years old does not necessarily mean he needs changes in his feeding—but there are certain signs that indicate it might be time to re-evaluate.

Horse Care

Expert Tips for Healthy Horsekeeping

Dressage riders with everyday access to veterinary expertise share their strategies.


10 Tips to Keep Your Senior Dressage Horse Competitive

Sound equine-management practices coupled with a good dose of common sense will assist in the longevity of senior horses.

Horse Care

Understanding the Basics of Equine Cushing’s Disease

Clinical signs, testing, treatment and precautions

Horse Care

Nutrition Basics for the Dressage Horse

Experts offer advice for feeding the competitive dressage horse throughout life.

Horse Care

Making the Switch to Senior Feeds

When is the best time to begin a specialized feeding regimen for your older horse? These tips can help you determine how to best meet his needs.

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