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The Why, When and How of Transitions + What Causes a Hoof Abscess?

Volker Brommann talks about his favorite training tool—transtitions. Plus, Lisa Borzynski, DVM, explains what causes a hoof abscess.


Techniques to Improve Contact

Three exercises with Col. Christian Carde.


Dressage Solutions: Avoid Losing Engagement

Try this tip from Volker Brommann.


Dressage Schooling Notebook: Transitions with Cindy Ishoy

Strengthen and supple your horse with a series of upward and downward transitions.


How to Ride the Half Halt with Jan Ebeling

The half halt is a combination of forward aids and restricting aids that will put your horse in balance and on the bit.


Dressage Solutions: Create Soft Downward Transitions

Try this tip from Kathy Connelly.


Use Transitions to Develop Your Dressage Horse’s Throughness: A Four-Step Exercise

Ride through these four steps from Beth Baumert to improve your horse's throughness.


3 Exercises to Improve Transitions Into and Out of Canter Lengthenings

Joy Congdon explains how to maintain control over a horse who likes to run in canter lengthenings.


Why Good Basics Are So Important in Dressage

Gabriel Armando draws on his personal experience to explain why all dressage riders need a solid foundation of basic skills.

Longines FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final

24 Dressage Training Tips from Kyra Kyrklund

Five-time Olympian Kyra Kyrklund shares her dressage training secrets at a Kentucky symposium.

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