The Why, When and How of Transitions + What Causes a Hoof Abscess?

Volker Brommann talks about his favorite training tool—transtitions. Plus, Lisa Borzynski, DVM, explains what causes a hoof abscess.

In this issue, Volker Brommann, a USDF certified instructor at the FEI level, explains that transitions are key to
improving your horse’s balance. Plus, a reader asks, “My barnmate’s horse seems quite susceptible to hoof abscesses.
What is the common cause of this painful problem and what is the best course of action if I suspect my horse has
one?” An expert has the answer.

In this issue:

  • Brommann explains the why, when and how of transitions, including exercises and step-by-step instructions.
  • Lisa Borzynski, DVM, explains how horses get abscesses, describes the symptoms to look for and how abscesses can
    be treated.

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