Credit: SusanJStickle.com  Any exercises that move a horse’s shoulders from left to right and move his weight off his left side are valuable in achieving suppleness on the left rein. Haunches in left, renvers left and leg yield right, as demonstrated here by Pam Goodrich and Donnerhit, a Bavarian Warmblood gelding, will all help.

How Can I Achieve Suppleness on the Left Rein?

Fran Kehr shares her advice on suppling the horse and suggests exercises to help you shift your horse's balance.

Credit: Jacques Toffi - arnd.nl The rein-back is a challenging movement that can have multiple problems. Even the top horses and riders in the world respect this movement and approach it carefully. Here, British Olympian Carl Hester demonstrates the ideal rein-back on Uthopia.

How Can I Fix a Lazy Rein-Back?

USDF gold medalist Jennifer Kaiser addresses the challenges with this movement


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