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dressage today virtual showmanship tips

Tips to Improve Your "Virtual Showmanship" for Digital Dressage Competitions

Check out this advice from USEF 'S' judge Margaret Freeman.


Enter Dressage Today's Virtual Horse Show!

Find out more about our virtual dressage competition—including tests offered, how to enter, competition rules and answers to FAQs.

new dressage today

What's New in the World of Dressage Today

See what you've been missing in Dressage Today's latest educational media for dressage riders of all levels!

robert dover

VIDEO: Robert Dover on the Power of Visualization

In this video, former Technical Advisor for the U.S. Dressage Team Robert Dover explains the four major qualities a rider needs to own and the importance of visualization.

laura graves verdades riding a tense horse

VIDEO: Advice from Laura Graves on Riding a Tense Horse

In this video, Olympic dressage rider Laura Graves shares some strategies for riding tense horses.

susanne von dietze rider biomechanics

VIDEO with Susanne von Dietze: The Dressage Rider's Seat, Demo Ride

Watch Susanne von Dietze's explanation of rider biomechanics in action.

Fiero HGF, Nicholas Fyffe, Photo by Annan Hepner-24

VIDEO: Nicholas Fyffe on Cross-Training for Horse and Rider

Nicholas invites his student and her horse to join him through the cavalletti exercise, offering viewers a look at how two very different horses can utilize the same exercise.

Felicitas Riding Out IMG_9487

VIDEO: Using Hills to Challenge Your Dressage Horse's Balance with Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel

Watch Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel's 5-part series on riding out and hill work.

janet foy 2019 dressage tests third level

VIDEO: Janet Foy on the 2019 Third Level Dressage Tests

In this video, Janet Foy gives an overview of the new Third Level dressage tests and responds to audience questions.

horse shopping laptop

Horse Shopping: How To Use Video to Evaluate Horses

A dressage professional explains how to evaluate videos of potential new dressage partners.

arnd bronkhorst hack dressage horses

How to Assess Progress in Your Dressage Training

Jan Brons explains steps you can take to avoid frustration for you and your horse as you move forward in your training.

vert equestrian sensor

Where Riding Technology Meets Tradition

How apps, tech gadgets and devices can improve your dressage

Catherine Haddad: Dressage Position for Optimal Effectiveness

In this video from Dressage Training Online, learn how to sit effectively in the saddle.

Laurens van Lieren: Getting Your Dressage Horse to Take More Weight Behind

In this video from Dressage Training Online, Laurens van Lieren also discusses keeping your horse quick behind and keeping an uphill tendency.

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Dressage Today's Video Archive

Here is a list of videos formerly featured on the Dressage Today website. Enjoy watching them!

Credit: Corinne Foxley Harmony between horse and rider depends on a good seat. Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel rides Morgenstern, owned by Jayne Nessif.

Improve Your Dressage Seat with Isabelle von Neumann-Cosel: Part 1

Learn how to understand your own body in order to address your specific position challenges.