Day 28: Switch Things Up!

So winter is here, and who really wants to go to the gym after working outside all day? It’s already dark, and the thought of warm cocoa and a hot meal win out every time. So how do you keep in shape? You incorporate some “different” ways of doing things into your barn chores.

When grooming your horse, alternate arms to get a balanced workout. | Photo ? Practical Horseman

If you only ever use your right arm for the curry comb, start to do one side with your left. Same with all grooming tools! Don’t forget picking stalls, sweeping, and cleaning tack. Or moving grain bags or stacking hay. Try using your non-dominant side, at least for a little bit every day, gradually increasing. As dressage riders, we strive to create a balanced horse, equal on both sides.? We can do the same for ourselves in the barn!

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