Results from Dressage Today's First Virtual Horse Show

Check out the horse-and-rider pairs who took top placings in our first virtual dressage competition!

The Dressage Today Team would like to thank everyone who participated in our very first virtual dressage competition! We’d also like to say a very big thank you to our judge, USEF ‘S’ Judge Margaret Freeman for all of her help in bringing this project to life and for providing our competitors with valuable scores and feedback. Finally, thank you to SmartPak for providing the winners of each division with prizes! 

(Photo by Amy K. Dragoo)

This has been a huge learning experience for the DT Team and we hope it’s been educational for our followers, too! If you weren’t able to compete in this first competition, don’t worry! We’re already planning our next virtual event. Stay tuned for details!

Congratulations to the following top six combinations from each division. We will be contacting all competitors individually through e-mail to return test sheets and coordinate prizes.  

Training Level Test of Choice

1. Kalie Beckers/Pemberley (Test 3)/ 71.72%

2. Diane Brigham/Novena (Test 2)/ 70.00%

3. Alyssa Holdeman/Senegal (Test 3)/ 69.14%

4. Pam Conklin/Destiny P (Test 3)/ 68.82%

5. Ashley Donadt/Keira (Test 3)/ 68.79%

6. Andrea Whisler/Artax (Test 3)/ 67.07%

First Level Test of Choice

1. Annie Morris/Floriade (Test 1)/ 74.83%

2. Tajana Mrazovic/Topas (Test 1)/ 73.97%

3. Maggie Mae/Wenetwo (Test 3)/ 70.56%

4. Paris Roy/Kingston (Test 3)/ 69.03%

5. Pam Conklin/Destiny (Test 3)/ 68.19%

6. Arlene Neumann/Wie Westerland (Test 3)/ 66.81%

Second-Fourth Levels Test of Choice

1. Melanie Plisskin/Remarkable (Third 1)/ 69.59%

2. Lara Erdogus-Brady/Goldennettie (Third 2)/ 69.34%

3. Jennifer Wright Warren/Ritisha (Third 3)/ 66.88%

4. Marissa Benson/Kingston (Third 1)/ 65.00%

5. Alix Nash/Tucker’s Yukon Gold (Third 3)/ 64.75%

6. Cindy Yager/Jack (Third 1)/ 63.24%

Questions? Please email [email protected]