Create a new outlook 2011

Reaching back in time to the beginning of horses for you. Think back to your very first impression of horses and what you thought of them. Then think about the first time that you ever got to ride a horse. Was it at a State fair, riding camp, lesson barn, or with a friend? Try to remember the shear magnificence of the horse in your mind. Now remember the feelings that you felt. Were you longing to go back and ride again, what did you enjoy the most?

For me it all started at the age of five on a paint pony. I just remember petting the paints neck, what a thrill it was to be walking on this big beautiful animal. Then it wasn’t until the age of eight that I had my official first riding lesson on an old school horse named Bear. My blog picture is of me with a school horse named Love, this was my first ever blue ribbon.

Now moving forward arrive at your current horse world… How long have you been enjoying horses? Does it still have the same magic for you?

My wish for everyone this year is to find the joy, wonder, and the true reason that each and every one of us loves horses. Please share your stories here on how horses came into your life….