Happy Fourth of July!

Wishing everyone a happy fourth of July! I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer and having fun with there horse or horses. Watching fireworks is always fun, and reminds me of two experiences with horses; one I will share with you today. I was at the Lexington, KY Horse Park and went to a Saddlebred horse show. I sat on the bleachers to watch how they warmed up one of the horses. It was so fun to see this beautiful horse and what a long smooth stride it had. I was ready to feel that amazing feeling, as I was imagining myself riding all of the sudden CRACK BOOM BAM…POW…. The good moving horse became a 10 + mover as the trainer let off another firecracker behind the horse!! I was amazed at how composed the horse stayed and how this was part of the warm up. Amazing firecrackers and horses… enjoy the 4th and share your stories here.