Hilary Moore Hebert: USDF Convention

One of my favorite traditions at the annual USDF Convention is the GMO basket raffle. Each group brings lovely items from their region and we proudly supplied plenty of Maryland-based treats. Thanks to the more crafty members of my GMO, the Potomac Valley Dressage Association bought coffee roasted in Baltimore, tea from the Eastern Shore and other local food that represented the best of the Midatlantic … and we didn’t forget the Old Bay and Berger cookies! There was a lovely bag and belt made by PVDA’s own Jean Rosen, as well several PVDA and Ride for Life items. We were sure to include a bottle of wine, complete with our PVDA-etched wine glasses. Eva-maria Adelphi from Utah won the gift and we had a great time talking with her about dressage on the other side of the country. Coincidentally, she happens to be from the GMO that hosted my USDF “L” Education Program and it was nice to talk about dressage in Utah again.