How to ride a buck

I enjoy going to the watch the local bull riders here in MD. I am always amazed at how well these guys can ride a buck. Many of these cowboys take riding lessons to hone there equitation skills. If you know how to sit on a horse and find your center of balance, you should be OK if your horse gives you a buck, however here are a few pointers.

#1- Lift your hands and get your horses head up, this will make them have to put some weight on the hind end, and thus they cannot give you as big of a buck.

#2- Sit back with your shoulders, this is a case when getting behind the vertical is OK!

#3- Get your lower leg in front of you. With your lower leg in front of you, your shoulders can stay back more easily.

#4- Practice this position a couple of times, so that you can be prepared if your horse ever throws a buck your way.

Please share your bucking horse stories with us. We all have to cowgirl or cowboy up once in a while, even as dressage riders!