Dressage Today Podcast: Ida Norris

Ida Norris, an avid Western dressage judge and competitor, talks about all things Western dressage.

Welcome to the Dressage Today Podcast sponsored by Wellness Ready. In this episode, Stephanie gives a preview of the coverage for the upcoming FEI World Cup Finals in Omaha. Also, Aviva explains the common judge’s comments “needs more reach” and “show more difference”. Then they are joined by Ida Norris, an avid Western dressage judge and competitor, to talk about all things Western dressage.

Ida Norris

Ida Norris started riding western as a girl and was even the 1978 Maine Appaloosa Queen. Her extensive dressage background includes eight years as a youth taking lessons with Olympian Michael Poulin, work with renowned German judge Maria Zimmer and work primarily in Portugal with Nuno Oliveira. Kathy Connelly was instrumental in polishing her test riding skills at the FEI level. Bo Jenå’s work with Ida developed her skills in classical long lining. She currently clinics regularly with Arthur Kottas, Bo Jena and Janet Foy.

She has trained and ridden horses to numerous USEF/USDF awards and is a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist. All the scores she earned with horses she trained herself. She is also a Western Dressage Level Five competitor, a USEF “S” Senior dressage judge and a USEF “R” Western Dressage judge. Her recreational riding and horse activities include, Working Equitation, Extreme Obstacle challenges and International Agility/ Equagility.

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