Dressage Today Podcast: Matt McLaughlin

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In this episode we welcome Aviva back from her trip to Israel, and she shares her adventures. You can also read her article on our website.

Next Aviva answers a listener’s question about when and how to switch the whip during a class.

Interview with Matt McLaughlin

Together, Stephanie and Aviva interview Matt McLaughlin. Matt began studying dressage and the art of training horses in haute école for exhibition performances at an early age. He credits his early dressage influence on USDF Hall of Fame member, Chuck Grant.

Matt spent seven years working for the Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show where he trained as many as 16 stallions and riders at a time. In 2011, Matt was head trainer at the Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre where he restructured the equestrian production’s dressage, liberty, western, and reining acts. 

Matt has continued to hone his skills as a trainer, clinician, and performer by learning and adapting techniques gleaned from training experiences as well as his work with industry notables in the dressage, western, and trick training disciplines.

Matt has successfully trained horses through Grand Prix Dressage that have gone on to compete nationally and internationally as well as multiple horses finished in haute école including Capriole, Courbette, and Levade.  He has earned the USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold rider Medals graduated with distinction from the USDF “L” education program. In addition to providing instruction at base in St. Cloud, Florida, Matt travels throughout North America and Europe as a clinician.

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