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7 Ways to Stay Inspired When You Can’t Ride

DT blogger and dressage professional Jenna Arnold shares a few ideas to help you stay sharp even when you're not in the saddle.


The Importance of Science in the Art of Dressage

Susan Mandas discusses the value of understanding the mechanics of motion.


What is Doma Vaquera?

Manuel Trigo explains this Spanish term, which can be loosely translated as a Spanish version of Western dressage.


Dressage Solutions: Stabilize Your Upper Body

Try this tip from Sandy Rabinowitz


Dressage Solutions: Stabilize Your Upper Body

First Level

Resolve Tension in Your Legs While Riding

Susanne von Dietze critiques Sandy Vennemann on Boomer


How to Improve Dressage Basics

Delving into the Training Scale


Nicholas Fyffe: Cross-Training for Horse and Rider

A Grand Prix trainer explains how cross-training for the horse and rider can improve performance.


Christine Traurig: “Pushing Away from the Bit”

This sophisticated term describes the epitome of throughness, perfect connection and ideal self-carriage.


An In-Depth Look at Colic Prevention

With the rigors of dressage training and competition, learn what you can do to help protect your mount from the No. 1 killer of horses.

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