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Steffen Peters and Laura Graves: The Biomechanics of Olympic Contenders
It was an honor and a challenge for me to write this month’s... read more


An Inside Look as U.S. Dressage Heads for the Rio Olympics
Now with the Rio Olympics just weeks away, there’s a real buzz... read more


Correct Body Alignment to Ride Bending Lines
Every rider I teach knows that I am a stickler about body... read more

Horse Care

Uveitis Explained
Uveitis is a term that refers to inflammation of the uvea. The... read more


Margaret Freeman

R is the new M

by Margaret Freeman
If you want to improve your score at your next show, for the USEF tests above Training Level, you should scan your tests for movements that involve the letters RSVP. The accuracy involving those letters often can be muddled, and I saw a lot of this at the show I judged last weekend....Read More

Remember To Smile

When It Rains It Pours!

by Pam Stone
Sometimes it seems as if bad things occur in threes. I'm holding fast to the notion that perhaps good things, also in threes, might soon follow...because since my last blog this happened:...Read More

Refining Dressage Skills in Germany

German Weather, Cake and Horse Shows

by Annie Morris
Everything is progressing very well in Germany. The most shocking thing for me was the weather this week: rainy and cold. I have never lived somewhere where the summer was so cold. I have to wear a coat every day, and I haven’t seen the sun in a full week. ...Read More

Margaret Freeman

“Do Nothing” to Do More

by Margaret Freeman
I spent a decade listening to Lendon Gray teach and then also to her students who became instructors themselves. One concept Lendon emphasizes is to “do nothing.” Lauren Spreiser, who used to work with Lendon, wrote an excellent piece on this recently in her own blog....Read More

Article Archives

Budgeting Basics for Farms and Stables

by Andrew Clark, DVM, MBA

The budget is the financial strategic plan used by a business; it takes into account the financial objective as well as market forces that define profitability. This article will give you basics to help you set, and keep, a budget. Read More

Electric Post-and-Rail Fencing

Combining a traditional look with the practicality of electric fencing, Equi-Safe embeds an electric wire in the rail portion of its post-and-rail high-density, polyethylene plastic (HDPE) fencing to help stop your horse from getting caught in a Read More

Fly-Mask Face-Off

by Jennifer Paulson

Be prepared when the flies invade your barn by choosing the perfect fly mask for your horse. These new, innovative covers offer fresh designs and features for almost every situation. Read More

David Marcus Announces Retirement of Chrevi's Capital

by Press Release, Phelps Media Group

"After a six-year partnership and 34 CDIs, there is so much to say about how I feel about Chrevi's Capital," Marcus said. "Capi is the most kind, people oriented and happy horse I've had the pleasure to work with. He has taken me on two European tours as well as to Aachen, an Olympic Games, and a World Equestrian Games, and for that I am forever thankful not only to him, but also to his owner. Read More

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