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Establish a Comfort-Zone Trot
Susanne von Dietze critiques Lynne Simonson at Training and First... read more


Touring Wellington's Top Dressage Barns
Take an inside look into Florida's top dressage barns with the... read more


Dressage Position: Balance and Your Hip Angle Explained
When I teach riders from around the world, the most common... read more

Horse Care

Senior Horse Weight Maintenance
Special considerations for the senior dressage horse read more


Refining Dressage Skills in Germany

My First German Show!

by Annie Morris
Yesterday, I rode in my first show in Germany with two horses. Brioni is a green, 7-year-old Hanoverian mare owned by a nice young lady named Pauline. ...Read More

Margaret Freeman

Open Gate, No Problem?

by Margaret Freeman
When I’m riding in our covered arena by myself I always leave the gate open. It’s some distance from the ring to the barn, and a rider in the ring can’t be clearly seen. I figure if I somehow hit the sand and get hurt, my horse will go back to the barn and tell someone. I know of a couple instances where unconscious riders were tended to quickly because their horses returned to the barn alone....Read More

Remember To Smile

Lucky Me!

by Pam Stone
So, while Forrest continues his rehab, lucky me, I was able to audit FEI competitor and judge, Jennifer Roth’s, annual clinic featuring Andreas Hausberger! What a treat to drive 20 minutes to Kemper Penney’s Pennwood Farm and sit mesmerized as I watched the Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School (and active coach of many internationally competing riders) apply his impeccable timing as he worked ...Read More

Refining Dressage Skills in Germany

From OK to Amazing!

by Annie Morris
This week I had the best feeling in my seat while riding. Judy gave me a lesson about keeping the inside shoulder blade back during the turns. Of course I knew I was supposed to be doing this, but she had me exaggerate it. I could finally feel the inside hip really open up and deepen into the horse. ...Read More

Article Archives

Good news for racehorse welfare, safety and futures from Australia to England (and in between)

by Fran Jurga

First, the good news--but, then again, it’s all good news today. Equine research, safety and welfare are in the news for precisely the right reasons: The people willing to roll up their sleeves to help are doing something about making the racing world a better place to be a horse. Read More

Q&A: How to handle a bit puller

Q: I have a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse with a sweet, can-do disposition. But he likes to chew and pull on the bit. When I bought him, he came with the bridle and bit, and he was... Read More

Dressage Position: Balance and Your Hip Angle Explained

by Judy Allmeling

When I teach riders from around the world, the most common problem I see in the rider’s seat is the loss of balance because of a closed hip angle and resulting tight seat and back muscles. A lack of awareness is the most common reason for this problem, along with physical or mental tension. I teach my students how to open the hip angle to achieve the correct seat position through relaxation. Many Read More

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