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Chris Hickey's Tips for Refining Your Aids
When the horse feels reactive and quick to the aids, then the... read more


Holy Horseflesh! Part 2
After all this talk of the Hanoverian Auctions in my last blog,... read more


Learn About Lengthenings at First Level
Our adventure in First Level continues this month with a closer... read more

Horse Care

Trust Your Horse's Mouth to an Equine Veterinarian
Many readers wrote in expressing their concern about the article... read more

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Introducing ComFiTec: the perfect blend of science and love.

Our revolutionary new ComFiTec™ turnout blankets are designed to conquer the elements... and your worries. As you’d expect from us, every aspect of our most advanced range ever – from materials to fastenings – has been developed with comfort and fit in mind. So whatever the winter throws at you horse, you can be sure their blankets will hug them as snugly and lovingly as you do.


Margaret Freeman

Moment of Truth at First Level

by Margaret Freeman
Many of the tests that I judge have what I call a “moment of truth,” where the rider has to demonstrate a clear understanding of what that test, or that level, is all about. Sometimes that moment is an entire movement, like the half pass at Third 1, or just a few steps like the “very collected canter” in Fourth 1. ...Read More

Refining Dressage Skills in Germany

Clinic at Hof Börnsen with Manuela Keller

by Annie Morris
we are watching a clinic at Hof Börnsen with Manuela Keller. I am very excited to see her teach! She is teaching in German, so I know I am missing some of the points. However, watching the rides and understanding the context makes me feel like I basically know what is going on....Read More

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Holy Horseflesh! Part 2

by Lindsay Paulsen
After all this talk of the Hanoverian Auctions in my last blog, now you're probably wondering about the actual bidding! Let me begin by answering some auction FAQs: How many horses......Read More

Work and Play at Dressage Today

Holy Horseflesh!

by Lindsay Paulsen
I actually had to wipe tears from my face when I first sat down in the stands at the Hannoveranner Verband Elite Auctions at Verden. I know that sounds over the top, but it's really......Read More

Article Archives

Red Alert: What should horse owners know about falling leaves?

The blazing fall foliage season is ideal for getting out on the trail with your horse. But what about once you’re home? Many horse owners are already aware that red maple leaves are toxic to horses but why is fall the dangerous season--and what can we do to be sure our horses are safe from deadly "acer rubrum" poisoning? Read More

The Change We Need ... One Horse at a Time

by Priscilla Godsoe

In just a few days, our underdog, "Zipper," heads to Kentucky to prove that he represents what the Thoroughbred industry needs to promote the breed. The mission to rehabilitate 7- year-old... Read More

Wilson Scores Back-to-Back USEF Pair Horse Driving National Championship Titles at Hermitage Classic CDE

by Kathleen Landwehr

The picturesque Hermitage Farm provided the backdrop for Steve Wilson to claim his second consecutive championship title. Read More

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