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How to Free the Horse’s Shoulders to Lengthen the Gaits

Jose Mendez explains with special focus on baroque breeds.


Dressage Solutions: Feel More Stable on Your Horse

Try this tip from Hilary Moore Hebert


Dressage Basics: The 20-by-60-Meter Dressage Arena and 20-Meter Circles

Learn about the measurements of the large dressage arena and how to apply them to your riding.

Barn and Facility

This Old Barn

How your classic structure can be used for modern horsekeeping.


Proper Dressage Arena Setup

Here is the geometry of arranging the rails and letters of the ring efficiently and correctly.

Rider Wellness

How to Ride Safely in Extreme Heat

Use these tips to prevent overheating and overexposure to the sun during the hot summer months.


The Mustang: America’s Baroque Horse

A feral stallion is first recognized for his stellar hooves, then his dressage prowess.

Horse Care

A Different Look at Equine Massage

Here is how you can connect with your horse through massage to make him a healthier, happier athlete.


Jan Ebeling: How to Prepare for Show-Ring Success

This Pan Am Games gold medalist shares tips on preparing the horse for competition.


Secrets to World-Class Success in Dressage

The all-American dream team of Debbie McDonald, Adrienne Lyle, and Peggy and Parry Thomas shares its winning formula.

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