10 Quick Tips to Boost Your Next Dressage Score

Maximize your performance with advice from an FEI 4* judge PLUS get expert insights on healthy horsekeeping.

Are you leaving easy points on the table during your dressage tests?

While there aren’t ever shortcuts to dressage training, there are a few simple fixes you can make that will improve each and every test you do no matter your level. Learn how you can put that extra point-maximizing polish on your tests with 10 tips from FEI judge Cesar Torrente. He discusses simple changes you can work on to better your test-riding skills, including: how to make a great first impression and how to recover from a mistake like a pro.

 As riders and horse owners, we also know that it takes more than great training to develop the dressage athlete. Great care is the foundation of happy, healthy dressage horses and we’re bringing you some expert advice on all aspects of horsekeeping. Top dressage riders and veterinarians weigh in on everything from fitness and nutrition to respiratory health and ideal stable environments.

Featured in this special report:

• 10 Tips to Boost Your Next Dressage Score

• Expert Advice for Better Horsekeeping

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