Help Your Horse Age Gracefully

Advice from Uta Gräf + A Veterinarian’s Insights on Stifle Stress

With correct training, dressage horses can live long, happy and active lives. In addition to proper training, there some core components of a horse’s care, such as the ability to live close to nature, that can enhance his quality of life and productivity. Learn more from Germany’s Uta Gräf in her article “Aging Gracefully: How to Keep Your Dressage Partner Happy and Healthy.”

Although dressage can have tremendous physical benefits for horses, there is always a risk to injury. The stifle joint is an important and often-injured joint in dressage—learn more about it in our article with Greg Staller, DVM, DACVS.

Included in this issue:

• Help Your Horse Age Gracefully

• Understand Stifle Stress

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