Increase Your Focus, Decrease Your Horse’s Stress

In this edition of the Dressage Today Extra, Ali Brock shares how to maximize your time in the saddle with focus for better results, plus a veterinarian’s perspective on stress in horses.

Most average riders have a limited amount of time in the saddle each week. For example, consider the Adult Amateur rider who takes a 45-minute lesson once each week. This amounts to less than 40 hours per year. In our article with U.S. dressage Olympian Ali Brock, you’ll learn how to get the most out of each ride by improving your focus with various learning strategies and sport psychology techniques.

 However, it’s hard to focus on your training when stress negatively affects your horse. In our article with veterinarian Shauna Spurlock, DVM, she explains how stress isn’t always a bad thing—but when it takes a turn for the worse, it can have harmful effects, from cribbing to stall-walking. Learn what you as a horseowner should focus on when stress can’t be avoided.

Read more in this edition of the Dressage Today Extra!

Featured in this report:

•5 Tips to Improve Mental Focus with Ali Brock

•Understand Stress in Dressage Horses

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