Rider Success and Winter Horse-Care Myths

Olympian Sue Blinks shares 7 qualities that contribute to success as a rider. Plus, experts debunk common winter horse-care myths.

Rider success is a direct result of certain, very specific, positive qualities. One rider may have the physical ability and skill set necessary to be an extraordinary classical rider. Others may have considerable knowledge of dressage theory. In this issue, Olympian Sue Blinks shares seven qualities that contribute to success at every level. Her advice will help you assess your skills, focus on your weak points and work on improving them. 

Also in this issue, DT asked a few professionals to share their advice when it comes to weathering the winter with your horse.

In this issue:

• Sue Blinks examines 7 qualities that contribute to rider success.

• Experts debunk 8 common winter horse-care myths.

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