18 Tips from German Olympian Monica Theodorescu

German Olympian Monica Theodorescu offers tips on how riders can be trusting of the system reflected in the Training Scale. Plus, learn how to help keep your horse’s joints healthy.

German Olympian and coach of the German Equestrian Team Monica Theodorescu worked with eight horse-and-rider pairs at The Old Masters Series hosted at Anke Ott Young’s Avalon Farm in North Salem, New York.

In this issue, we share 18 tips from her, including:

• Give your horse enough time to be comfortable in his new surroundings.

• Always start with the easier direction to make it comfortable for your horse.

• Ride with passive hands and work the horse from behind.

Also in this issue, an equine lameness diagnostics veterinarian discusses osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease and how to help the athletic horse handle stress on his joints.

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