...and they lived happily ever after?

I have been staring at my computer screen for several minutes now, trying to figure out how I am going to get around comparing Prince William to a horse. Unfortunately, nothing comes to mind. All I can say is that, in my humble opinion, if you have to compare a member of the royal family to a horse, why not make it “the greatest horse on earth” and just hope that you won’t be rejected the next time you try to visit their country. So, here goes:

I find something strikingly similar to Kate Middleton and Matthias Rath. Both have recently chosen to pair up with two very famous, eligible “men” (Prince William and Totilas, respectively) and I can’t help but wonder if they are lucky or unfortunate. Everywhere I turn (as a dressage person) I either see stories about Kate or Matthias. Part of me is jealous–who wouldn’t want to marry a future king or compete the highest-scoring horse in the world? The other part of me feels bad for the two of them, as they try to prove they are good enough for the best.

In both cases, it just goes to show what people will go through love–of a man and a horse. I just hope that the majority of that love is based on how they feel about the relationship despite (not because of) the fame, power and money it brings with it. If that is the case, I believe that Kate and Matthias will be wonderful partners for the “men” that were forced into the spotlight by fate, helping each other through all that brings.

May you grow old together and live happily ever after…

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