Happy Birthday to me :)

Since I am writing the blog and no one can post anything but comments, I guess I will have to wish myself a happy birthday – and you can reply 🙂

For the special day, my boyfriend put on Julie & Julia. I love cooking and eating, almost as much as riding. After a long day at the barn, one of my second loves it to spend over an hour in the kitchen cooking dinner.

What a wonderful movie about following something you love and blogging about it. I don’t usually blog during a movie, but this inspired me to post. With the show season beginning and several students coming out of winter hiding, I have been kept away from the computer more than I would like and haven’t been posting as much as I was in the winter.

So as a birthday resolution, I promise to pick up my posting again without spending any less time with my first real love – dressage.

Now, back to some of my other loves 🙂

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