Increased Awareness and Flexibility

Another week! I got to ride, a lot. At this barn, they demand a new flexibility in my body that I have never achieved before. I can finally pull my shoulder blades back and together without any other body part becoming tight. Right now I cannot do it perfectly, but I am more and more aware of what my back should feel like. In fact, by doing this my lower back becomes looser in a good way. I can sit deeper and follow better with the seat. I have increased awareness of what is required for an independent seat! Another great feeling I have is stabilizing my leg and wrapping it around the horse. I have to use strength without being tight. I can then keep the horse better in front of the leg! Brilliant.

We went to watch another local show on our day off this week, which showed how awesome Germany is if you like dressage. There was an S* (Pronounced “S one star”) going on in the afternoon. It is basically equivalent to the Prix St. Georges. Many of the horses were high quality with 3 beautiful gaits. Some were of more average quality. However, during the whole afternoon, there were almost no mistakes. These horses are trained! And these riders are riding their butts off! They have a high bar, and I hope to make it there.

Photos are of a grill at the horse show and Cid Rock, posing at the barn.