Where do I begin?!?!

The past few months have been a “hurry up and wait” plan for the Program – until this week!

I finally arrived in Utah and will finally be attending Session B with everyone tomorrow. It only took leaving the house at 10 am, flying from 12:37 pm (Maryland time) to 5:30 pm (Utah time), then driving until 7:30 pm to the house. That is really like travelling from 10 am to 9:30 pm 🙁

Regardless of the loooooooonnnngggg day, I had a wonderful trip and was welcomed to a lovely home and a FANTASTIC meal.

Since I have enough stories to fill a book, I think I will write shorter entries until I run out. I haven’t even started Session B and you already get to hear about:

The first time I hated flying
The above-mentioned fantastic meal and Diane’s wonderful house/family
“L” Program homework: Take Two
Losing purses and horses
…and so much more!

Come back soon, you are in for another wild weekend!