Keeping it Fun During the Winter Months

For those of us who are stuck in the “WINTER VORTEX” this winter here are few things to help us thru…..

#1- Play the radio LOUD, hearing some of your favorite upbeat tunes while you ride can put a smile on your face and keep you going during these cloudy and cold days.

#2-Ride with a friend, riding with a friend will help to keep you motivated and grabbing a coffee or tea after is the perfect way to enjoy the day or evening.

#3-Set up a lesson with your trainer, your trainer will help to give you things to work on in between lessons.

#4-If you don’t have an indoor arena find one in your area that will let you pay to school. Most large facilities will let you pay a fee to trailer in and school your horse.

If you don’t have an indoor arena or trailer and you are at home thinking of what you can do, remember that ground work is an important part of horsemanship. Work on something with your horse that you have been wanting to do. An idea is working on making your horse stand, teaching your horse to ground tie, working on keeping your horse behind you while you lead, the list goes on and on.

This year I feel very fortunate to have an indoor arena at our facility at JL Training, it is a Clear Span building. Here is a picture of it at night all lit up!

Happy Winter riding and please share some tips with us here so that we can all keep riding thru this weather and into the SPRING!!






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