Remember to Smile: Spring Is Coming

I can’t even bear thinking about the snowfall, minor as it is predicted to be, that is to move in early next week. For all intents and purposes, every glance around the farm shows it bursting with color…

Temperatures have kissed 70 degrees in this part of upstate South Carolina and there has been so much to do on the property, particularly removing dead trees felled by recent windstorms in the field. So, Forrest had much of this week to do as he liked, save one longeing session in the paddock. With an eye toward his first longe lesson in the arena in a few days, I’ve moved some of the dressage partitions to try and recreate the perimeter he’s been using in the paddock.

As you can see, I have an open arena—no railing around it—(that should make for an interesting first ride!). If you don’t have a railing, you can mark off a longeing perimeter with whatever else you have lying around your farm: cavalettis, hay bales, Corgis…my arena is 20 x 60 meters and I simply divided the arena in half, at E and B. I’d rather have too much room than too little so that I can give Forrest frequent breaks on straight lines.

Spring isn’t the only thing we’ve celebrated this past week. On March 18th, Forrest celebrated his 4th birthday and that meant giving lots of carrots (which delighted him to no end!) and apples.

The remainder of his big day included a bath and a massage, but before this very full schedule, he felt he needed to rest.

And how could I resist a sun nap with my boy?






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