Clinic with Jenny Susser and Linda Parelli

Here it is in the middle of March with only a few weeks left in paradise. I mentioned before that there are many educational opportunities to take advantage of. Besides watching riding (which I have done a lot), there are other educational seminars, talks, etc. Show Chic presented an evening with Jenny Susser and Linda Parelli.

Credit: Johnny Robb (Left to right) Krystalanne Shingler (of ShowChic), Linda Parelli, Jenny Susser, Michele Hundt (owner of ShowChic) and Terri Kane of Diamante Farms (a Shop Talk sponsor)

What a great combination!!! While I have heard Jenny several times, have participated in one of her riding clinics and pleased to have her as a friend, she always brings something new and interesting to the table. She talked about using your brain and how it works and how to organize your brain to help with your riding and working with your horse(s). This is so important whether you are just riding to ride or preparing to show. If you stay organized in your preparation, you will start with a better chance of success. I always love to hear her talk.

On the other hand, this was the first time I had heard Linda speak, and she discussed how horses think. Horses think of us as their predator… WOW! Think about that!!! What we are asking them to do and for thousands of years their genetics tell them to run away… far, far away from us. Linda did a short demonstration with two volunteers from the audience. One person left the room while the other person was told they needed to make the person do three simple tasks. The catch was they could not use their voice, hands, nothing. They could only use this empty water bottle to touch them. When the person returned, after 10 minutes of trying to get them to even do one task and both were getting upset and angry…Linda stepped in. She showed how to get the person to do the tasks and within minutes all three tasks were accomplished. Moral of the story, gain the trust, show compassion and treat with kindness.

This clinic was so inspiring. I am hoping we can get these two ladies up to the northeast to do an all-day clinic.

Meanwhile, I continue to ride, take my lessons, watch riding when I can and socialize, of course!!!! I will try to write one last post when I am packing up and returning home.






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