Have you ever had this happen?

So, when you are super busy and trying to do over 100 things at once and someone shows up at your barn trying to sell you something…. Most of the time we just politely say thank you, but I am busy, please come back another time. Well, I was lucky enough that when I said to please come back another time Ann Higgens from H.C. Summers Feed and Supply, in Jefferson, MD did just that!
When I took a minute to stop and listen I found that Ann was trying to help my horses and me, not just sell horse feed. I was fortunate enough that Dr. Daniel Burke, Ph.D was coming to town and would be able to come to my barn as a courtesy to look at each horse and come up with an individual nutrition program for them.
Dr. Burke knows that dressage horses require athletic ability, proper conditioning, focus and endurance. Nutrition is the key to us getting the most out of each of our horses.
I went with the Tribute grain that is called “Calm and Easy”. The reason that I chose this grain is that research has shown that sugar and starch levels are what cause hyperactivity in horses due to insulin responses in the brain, not protein levels. What this means for horses is that you can feed a higher protein, less sugar and starch feed which increases the horses focus and improves endurance. They also put in the proper amino acid levels, so that you can feed less grain, which is better for the horses and any barn’s budget. Check out Tributes web site to find out more, I am so happy with how my horses look and the weight that they are maintaining on this feed, that I just had to share it with you! The horse in the photo was a little under weight when I bought him and now he looks amazing thanks to this feed!


I also hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays and is getting shopping done!! I am heading over to H.C Summers Open House December 15th. They are having Santa pet photos and lots of savings from 9-1. It is a great place to buy feed, with amazing customer service.
Come on over to the store!
4002 Jefferson Pike
Jefferson, MD 21755

Check them out at:






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