Leaving Paradise

Three months are gone and, sadly, we must return home. It went by so quickly. But when I look back, I can only say—WOW! The number of rides I watched, the number of lessons I watched, the number of talks I went to, the number of days I scribed CDI classes—WOW! Then you add in two lessons a week, riding Al everyday (ok—he got one day off!) and doing the barn work, it was a lot in a short period of time. I am returning, hopefully, with better knowledge, a better seat and a better understanding of this new level of riding.

I do have to thank Bill Warren (pictured below) for coming twice a week to give me a lesson at 7:30am. I found out from many of his clients he normally does not like to get up that early, and for that I want to thank him BIG time! Both Al and I are better partners, and I certainly learned a lot.

Also very important, I need to thank Jen Huber, Al’s owner. Not only for letting me ride and learn with him, but for inviting us to Florida to her barn. I could not have done it without the invite and her help to show me the ways. I know I have said thank you many times, but thank you, Jen!!!

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to thank my husband, Steve, for pushing me to go, for having faith in me that I could do such an adventure on my own and for being so supportive with my equines! I am, however, not sure that Steve totally understands what he has created as I talked about plans for next year all the way home. He truly is my best friend! Thank you!

This has been a dream come true. Every moment is a memory that will never be forgotten. I am closing this blog and saying goodbye. But not without telling you all, no matter how impossible a dream may seem, never dismiss it!

See you on the centerline….Debra






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