My newest sponsor ;)

I just bought a new truck and am in the process of picking up the new trailer. Not to mention that I just bought several new bits a.k.a. Dressage’s version of “exotic silver accessories”… so contributions to my 401k are not at their all-time highest right now.

Luckily, I got an email from Mrs.Tami Drumm. I am the beneficiary to the totalsum of ?15,600,000.00GBP. Which is great, because with the current exchange rate that works out to be $24.4 million. Now that I am rolling in money, I don’t have to sell my extra saddle to the man on who only has a check for 3x as much and asks that I send $1,000 back through wire transfer before his associate picks the saddle up. I can also buy that 2009 Featherlite trailer with living quarters that I saw “on sale” for only $7,000 due to divorce – she also wants me to wire transfer the money and will hand-deliver the trailer to my residence.

Honestly, with this amount of money I could buy Totilas!

Dear Mrs.Tami Drumm,
Enclosed you will find my social security number, date of birth, full name, address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, all of my credit cards, the title to all of my vehicles, an IOU on my first born child and my cell phone.

I am excited to see that you and your “family” have taken an interest in the equestrian sports and wish you the best of luck as your business grows.

Warmest wishes,

Hilary Moore

P.S. I appreciate your contacting me via email, since I seem to have accidentally passed over your previous 150 attempts to contact me and, honestly, ?15.6 million doesn’t warrant a phone or snail mail contact.






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