Patty Lasko: Day 4

I love these two suggestions from author Patti Bartsch for today’s “Challenge” because I can do them! I have a story to edit that I’ve been putting off and doing other things instead. But today, I’m going to reorganize it. I think it will be a good one in the end, but it will take some mental effort on my part. Sometimes editing is like cleaning out a closet: In this case, the information is stacked here and over there and then there is a good exercise, but why is it stashed there? It all needs to be pulled out and reordered to go together in the way you know the expert intended. (Of course, the writer and the expert are parts of this process, too.) I think readers will like the topic and I’ll be happy once it is done, but getting started requires a push. Patti’s day-4 tips will be my “push” on this project.


Patti also recommends reading about Feng Shui (pronounced foong shway). I don’t know much about this, only that at one level it is the art of arranging the items in your house/apartment so the energy (Chi or Qi) can flow properly and be good for you. I did a little online research on Feng Shui and see it can be a tool for personal growth, too. I wonder how it applies to a stable or barn environment for horses? Let me know if you know.

Then, I will happily comply with Patti’s “relax” command by taking a bubble bath with Epsom salts. I must have some oil around somewhere to add to it. I’ll look. If all else fails, I can use some bubble bath. I have one of those tubs with 10 (yes that’s 10) jets, and I don’t use it nearly enough.

What will you organize today? Will you make time for that soothing bath? Let me know how it goes. Either comment here or send me an e-mail? love hearing from you.

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