Leave it to the D-1 to get me motivated! After a whirlwind weekend, I emailed every show manager within 50 miles and asked if I could sit or scribe at their show.

Honestly, who needs to show?!?! The cool thing is that I can actually scribe/sit with Marilyn Heath (my Exam faculty), so that is goal #1. Goal #2 is to sit/scribe for every free weekend I have between now and the D-2 in August. I also hope to scribe for Janet Foy (my C session faculty). Scribing/sitting for members of the faculty is not an attempt to cheat. Rather, I feel comfort in knowing that my E Session of scribing/sitting will be as productive as possible – why not sit with members of the faculty? It can’t hurt to guarantee that your experience be as close to the current judging standards as possible. Not that other judges aren’t also great, but when it comes to my Final Exam I don’t want to risk the 1% chance that I will sit/scribe with that judge the faculty talks about anonymously when they give examples of someone who hasn’t done continuing education in 25 years.

To prove my point, I am VERY excited to be sitting with Sandra Hotz “S” at the June 5 – 6 VADA/NOVA Summer show at Morven Park. (She has yet to learn that when she said yes to me, she also said yes to my DT blog readership :))

Though she isn’t on my faculty, I hope to sit with her during all of her Training/First/Second Level tests. She was kind enough to respond to my request and I was happy to hear from her, since she was one of my first picks. Her diverse background, including her skills as a rider and trainer, make her a judge I have been curious about for a while. I am not sure if I have ridden with her, but be sure I will check all my old tests to look for her “John Hancock”!

So… long enough entry. I need to go re-memorize some tests for a schooling show that I am RIDING in tomorrow. Wish me luck!






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