Snow days

When I was a kid, “snow days” meant school cancellations, sleeping in and watching TV all day.

Cut to “Snowpocalypse 2010” in Maryland and blizzard warnings take on a whole new meaning. I received an email from my fellow “L” Judgelette, Kristen, titled “Can you get to the computer through the snow?!”. The answer is: Only when the power isn’t out and I forced to stay inside! Here is a photo of the snow against the sliding glass door – up to the door handle.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Washington, D.C. area has gotten a lot of snow – the most in 126 years. 63.5″ and counting, to be exact. If you live in the D.C. area you definitely know how bad it is.

For your enjoyment, here are some of the most memorable moments to date:

-After feeling overly guilty about trading in my eco-friendly Toyota Prius for a ford F-350, I heard about the Toyota recalls on the radio while cutting through horrible ice/snow in my 4wd truck. Saving the earth is important, but so is getting home alive. I still feel guilty, just not all the time.

-Cancelling, rescheduling, rescheduling again and then actually getting to lessons during this storm takes as much time as teaching a full day! So does going to the barn to see my own horse, on the really bad days.

-My SAINT of a barn owner has been hand walking the horses when the snow stops me from getting out there. She deserves more than a huge hug… any ideas for what that should be are welcome. Did I mention that while this is happening, she is also running an amazing crabcake business that I might have to buy out of inventory to thank her 🙂

-The snow has put me under house arrest on a handful of days and the sedentary lifestyle sprinkled in with some major snow shovelling, has caused my back and hip flexors to feel a little tight. Thank you OnDemand, your free fitness videos have saved me more than once. I also learned a few new “dynamic motion” exercises that strengthen and loosen all the right riding muscles. Movements that involve 3-d mobility of your legs, while balancing yourself with your own stability, will help loosen/strengthen your core and hip flexors very well. MOVE OF THE DAY: Standing on one leg (slightly bent), slowly reach down and touch the ground with alternating hands. Make sure to bend from your hips and bring your raised foot back and up as you bend. Switch legs and repeat.

-Snow days = getting your taxes done a lot sooner than you ever thought possible 🙂

-I have been able to start planning things with my video editor and have already put up some clips on my website:

-My restless Chihuahua wanted to go outside. I took him out and he sat in the snow, refusing to move until I picked him up and carried him inside. They clearly do not have snow wherever my dog’s ancestors lived, but I think this shows brilliant adaptation skills. Smart little brat.






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