The "L" binder is a "L"ittle "L"arge!

New students seem to be coming out of the woodwork… but I also have this massive pile of reading that I need to get through before Saturday morning. Welcome to the “L” Program!

Because I applied later to the program than they recommend, I really don’t have much time to finish my reading and homework for the first session (They recommend a minimum of three weeks to do it all). However, Kim at the USDF was very kind and within 4 hours had my USDF login linked up to the online version of the “L” binder.

While I printed the whole binder off on my home computer (don’t tell my boyfriend, because it is actually his printer and ink), I also ordered the “L” Program’s flash drive.

You have two options as an “L” participant, for getting your binder:
1. Order the actual paper copy in a smart looking three-ring binder
2. Buy the flash drive, which collects USDF updates every time you plug it in, but requires that you print the contents out yourself.

For anyone who hasn’t seen this binder, it is BIG. The reading for A Session is over 100 pages and it took a looong time to print.

Needless to say, I did way more than order my flash drive while it printed…

Nothing makes you more nervous about getting all of your reading done, like printing it out. I swear that in the time it printed: I cleaned for a while, cooked dinner, replied to all of my emails, posted a blog entry, updated my website and watched a tv show with my boyfriend!

Once upon a time, I was an English major with the standard ability to read/write at record speeds. Now, as a horse trainer, it has been a while since I have encountered educational materials – almost 4 years, if you count my graduate school days. Anyhow. Wish my luck! I wish I could write more, but I have to go do my reading :/






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