Tips for Selling a Horse Farm

My farm in Westminster, MD recently sold thanks to my real estate agent Laura Lee Jones.
In todays market selling a horse farm can be a tricky endeavor, so I hope that you find these tips from Laura helpful.
” Selling a farm, to some degree, is similar to selling a horse. When they look good and are well taken care of the buyer wants to learn more.
The first thing that your potential buyer sees is the farm entrance, so make sure that looks as good as possible. Well groomed fields, maintained fence lines, animal safe and ready is ideal. Any large debris or manure piles should be removed. All excess tack, blankets, etc.. should be stored neatly. Clean and organize any feed or tack rooms. Remove old or unusable hay. If your barn needs a new coat of paint, it is your best return on investment for the least amount of money. If you have a ring, keep it dragged, free of weeds/ debris.
In the house make sure that the entrance is neat, tidy, and clean. Keep clutter to a minimum in the house. If something is old and worn it’s best to take it out. For example, a broken set of blinds is better removed then left hanging.
When you have a potential buyer scheduled to come to your farm turn all of the lights on in your house and open any blinds or shades. Also, if you have any pets or if you smoke, try to keep the house smelling as neutral as possible, refrain from strong smelling room deodorizers.
Remember that the condition of your property is a direct relation to value, So, if you want top dollar than you have to have top condition.”
I hope that you find these tips helpful and forward them to anyone you know looking to sell a horse farm. I found it very beneficial to the sale of my horse property to have an agent that is a horse person. Her web site is myhomesdb.commyhomenow.







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