I "love" travelling!

My family travels a lot and I have been on a lot of airplanes in my life. If it helps to paint the picture, I have used frequent flyer miles for every single flight I have taken for my USDF Associate Instructor’s certification and will be using them for all 6 sections of the “L” Program. Remember, we are talking Maryland to Utah – sometimes via California.

Friday was the only time I have not enjoyed flying in my entire life. Not including airport experiences, this is the only time I have hated flying. I have been scared a few times before, when the plane abruptly dropped several hundred feet from turbulence or one wing appeared to be no more than 1 foot from the ground in a dangerously crooked landing, but never unhappy on the airplane.

Maybe I was sick, tired or who knows what – though I have flown in all of those situations before. I just could not wait for my plane ride from Virginia to Denver to end!

First of all, the airplane seemed 1/4 smaller than any other airplane I had been on. The woman in front of me put her seat back and I could not even get out of my seat without crawling on my own seat on my knees.

Second, the guy sitting next to me was annoying. Usually, I don’t mind a heavy person in the seat next to me because I can sort of lean against their shoulder like one of those high backed leather chairs in the library. This guy was so fat, that his shoulders were hitting me. He ordered 3 personal-sized bottles of wine and was constantly hitting me as he sipped from them the entire flight. When he was not drinking several bottles of wine, he was typing something on his Blackberry. That annoying clicking sound, combined with the arm action it created was like being stabbed to death by a toothpick. On top of it, he breathed like he was snoring and I kept having to look over to see if he was asleep, because it was that loud.

Of course, my radio was broken so I couldn’t cover the snoring sound up with any sound or distract myself by watching the movie. Instead, I got to listen to the snoring… and the constant sound of a baby crying – for 5 hours.

I know it sounds like I am complaining a lot. The reason I am writing this is because I am sure everyone has had one of these experiences in their travels and I wanted to finally tell you: I get it!

Gone are the days that I found little travel annoyances charming. For some reason, this week, flying on an airplane doesn’t seem like an adventure – it seems like my Biology 101 class in college on the day that my professor demonstrated child birth with a grape fruit and a human pelvis.

Wish me luck on the flights home :/






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